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Proficiency Testing Providers organize inter-laboratory External Quality Assessments (EQA), from the design stage to the selection and preparation of items, verification of the homogeneity and stability of materials and distribution of samples to participants, right up to the statistical analysis of data, assessment of the results and the issuing of reports indicating the participants’ performances.

The activities carried out by Proficiency Testing Providers is therefore essential for participating laboratories to monitor their performance over time, through participation on an ongoing basis.

The accreditation of Proficiency Testing Providers provides a third-party guarantee of the technical competence of the organizer of inter-laboratory EQAs in designing, organizing and managing Proficiency Tests in the specific accreditation field.

Bio Group Medical System is a PT Provider accredited to ISO 17043: 2010 by ACCREDIA (the certificate no. 17/P and its annex). 

ISO 17043:2010

General requirements for inter-laboratory Proficiency Testing

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Accredited Schemes

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