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Sample material

Parameters  Scheme 8 PARAMETERS

The items used in the PT tests are ready-to-use liquid samples, that simulate the biological items usually analyzed by the participants.


These sera will give a range of values entirely comparable with those found in the course of participants’ ordinary work.

The sera are thus chosen by the coordinator to give measurements referable to both physiological and pathological ranges.

Before distribution to the participants, each test material is subjected to checks by the QS Division in the role of COP, to guarantee homogeneity and stability requirements suitable for the specific objectives of the test.


The tests are performed on a statistically significant number of aliquots as per the reference standard ISO 13528:2015

  • RDW / IDR-SD

  • MCHC

  • MPV

  • WBC / GB 

  • RBC / GR

  • HB

  • MCV / VMG

  • MCH / TCMH

  • RDW / IDR

  • PLT / PLQ

  • HCT

Others information

Additional Parameters Scheme FORMULA

  • MONO %

  • NEUT %

  • LYMP %

  • EOF %

  • BASO % 

Statistical Elaboration:  Quantitative

Frequency: Quarterly, Monthly, Yearly



Level:  1 level per assay

Samples with different concentration levels will be sent during the test cycle.

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